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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Velvet Pumpkins DIY

Have I mentioned that I love pumpkins? I loooove pumpkins. Come on, pumpkins are arguably the poster vegetable of Autumn, right? They can easily decorate your home from September all the way through Thanksgiving. Since they can hang around so long, I like a variety of styles and colors to…
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Coffee Filter Wreath DIY

Now that I have dyed a whole mess of coffee filters, it is time to make my wreath. I really loved the color variations I achieved when dying the filters in different mediums and decided to use all the differently dyed filters in my wreath. To find out how, see…
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How to Dye Coffee Filters for Crafts

I am dying to make a coffee filter wreath…..get it? “Dying” to make it…..and dying the coffee filters? HEHE…..Well, I thought it was funny! Anyway, I wanted to make a fall wreath for my home. I have been seeing several on Pinterest and Facebook and each one was prettier than…
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Shabby Lace Pumpkin

Who said pumpkins have to be orange? Or jack-o-lanterns? Or even rustic? What about a romantic shabby chic pumpkin? I’m still cleaning out my crafting supplies and found a bag of left over lace. Who keeps leftover lace? Me, that’s who. Some of the pieces were just a few inches…
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Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup

Rainy days are perfect for soup. It was supposed to rain today so I planned on soup for dinner. Of course, the rain skirted around us but it was overcast and, therefore, still soup weather. Besides, I had my heart set on it. It being Saturday, I was feeling a…
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Halloween Rag Wreath

I was trying to clean out some of my craft areas and get a feel for what I wanted to make for the fall holidays. I had a bit of fabric that was Halloween themed but I didn’t have enough to make a large project. With a few more pieces…
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