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Coffee Filter Wreath DIY

Now that I have dyed a whole mess of coffee filters, it is time to make my wreath. I really loved the color variations I achieved when dying the filters in different mediums and decided to use all the differently dyed filters in my wreath. To find out how, see Dying Coffee Filters post.

There were variations of soft orange, bright orange and beige to achieve a muted water color effect. I thought it would be perfect for a Fall Wreath.


This is a very easy wreath to make. It makes a big fluffy wreath that reminds me of a giant mum.


To begin, start with a round wreath form made of foam which can be purchased at most craft stores. They are either fully round like a tube or flattened. However, if you want to be frugal (and I do) it is really simple to make your own.

I made a 14″ wreath form with a pool noodle. At the end of the season, you can get them for a buck or two so it really is economical. I just measured it the diameter I wanted, marked off with a pen and then cut it with a sharp knife. With some fast dry glue and duct tape, I connected the ends to form the wreath circle.





Now, on to the filters. If you prep the filters first, it makes the gluing go a lot quicker. I enlisted the help of my granddaughter for the prep. To make the filters look like old parchment, I had her crunch up the filters before I folded them. She crunched, I folded (It was team effort).







After straightening out the crunched filter, I folded it in half, then half again, and then a third time. Then, fold the pointed tip up about a half inch. This will be the flat part that you will put your glue on to attach it to the wreath.



This will take you a while since you need about 200-300 filters folded for a 14″ wreath form. If I didn’t have Serena there to keep me company, I definitely would have needed a movie or NCIS marathon to entertain me while folding.




To apply the filters to the form, just dab a bit of hot glue onto the folded tip and begin gluing the filters on. I started from the inside of the ring and glued about 4 across to the outside edge. You want them close but not too close. Just keep gluing row after row until you finish it all around. Or, leave a 3-4 inch gap for a bow.








I left a gap to put a large bow and some decoration on so I didn’t put filters completely around. If you do want to go all the way around, you can wrap wire around the form under the filters for hanging.







To put a bow on, I first wound the ribbon around the blank space on the wreath form. Then, I attached the bow and a twine loop for hanging.







I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I didn’t want it a bright orange so the muted colors were perfect for me.

This is really an easy wreath and I love the way it looks. Don’t you just love the poofiness?

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