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Easy Bandana Wreath


Do you want a quick and easy wreath that you can do in an evening? Try this super easy Bandana Wreath!

I have always liked the country look of bandanas. I have seen several on Pinterest lately so I thought I would try one.

I purchased a 12 inch wire wreath form and 12 bandanas. The bandanas should be 20-22 inches square. You can get the bandanas in all one color or mix and match to suit your style. I did mine in red, white & blue but you could use your favorite colors or even your favorite team colors.

This wreath is so easy you don’t need glue or wire or anything other than these two items and a pair of scissors to cut the bandanas. Cool, huh?

Start by cutting each bandana in half. Since they are square, it doesn’t really matter which direction you cut them unless you are using ones with a one way pattern. If you are, you can decide which direction you want the pattern to go.


                                                   Take a half and fold it in thirds first along the long end.

Then fold that in half. You will have a long strip about 20-22 inches long. I tried different folding techniques and found this one will give you a nice fluffy look when you are done.

Fold your strip in half and place the folded end under your form at the outer edge with the ends facing toward the middle.

Then fold the ends up and around the front of the form until they meet up with the folded end. Then, put the ends through the fold and tighten. The ends should stick out around the outside of the form. I guess you could call it sort of a slip knot.

Continue around with each strip until the wreath form is full. Fluff the ends.

Easy Bandana Wreath

Now, I didn’t do anything else to my wreath. I just set it in my wreath hanger hook on the door. And, despite what I said above, you can use wire or string or something to make a hanger

I just love my Bandana Wreath. I hope you like it, too! Give one a try!

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