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Getting Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

We found some ants roaming around our kitchen recently. I ran around like a crazy person trying to figure out where the little boogers were coming from. There weren’t lines of them marching through as you normally see so it was a bit tricky finding their point of entry. I finally figured out that they came through a tiny gap between my kitchen window and the cabinet.

Once I found out how they were entering, I began researching how to get rid of them. I have several animals in my home plus my granddaughter visits often so I needed a fairly safe method of disposal. I didn’t want to have harmful chemicals sprayed all over the place, especially my kitchen cabinets.

In my research, Borax was one of the more popular DIY ant eradicators. Apparently, when mixed with sugar, the ants carry it back to their nest to feed everyone and the Borax kills them all at the source. Well, that sounded like a pretty easy way to get rid of the ants…..if it worked. I figured it was economical enough that I could try it first and then go on to something stronger if it didn’t work out.

I only made a small amount to try out and found a disposable container to put it in. Lo and behold, the ants loved the stuff. Within a few hours, there were several ants feasting in the cup. The next morning I noticed a few did not make it out alive. I only hoped that enough of it had been carried back to the nest. I added a little bit more each day for 3 days just to ensure there was enough to go around. I still have some to use, in case they come back.

Simple ant killer

I am happy to say that within 2-3 days we saw a dramatic reduction in ants and we haven’t spotted any around the house since (I’m writing on day 7). I think this worked and took only about 5 minutes of my time and cost mere pennies!

Here is what it took:

1 Tablespoon of Borax

3 Tablespoons of Sugar

Hot water (enough to dissolve the Borax and sugar and make a thick syrup)

A plastic container such as a yogurt or fruit cup (something you would normally recycle)

An ice pick or small paring knife to make holes


In a small bowl or canning jar, mix the Borax and sugar. Add the hot water to dissolve the dry ingredients. Stir or shake until dissolved and clear. Cut 3-4 small holes about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the yogurt cup big enough for the ants to enter. Pour a small amount of the mixture in the cup taking care not to allow to spill out of the holes. I placed the cup on the counter under the entry spot.  If you need to put it where there are any animals, I suggest putting it into a larger container that the ants can enter but the pet cannot, such as a box or wire container.  Be sure to keep away from pets and children!


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