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Halloween Rag Wreath

I was trying to clean out some of my craft areas and get a feel for what I wanted to make for the fall holidays. I had a bit of fabric that was Halloween themed but I didn’t have enough to make a large project. With a few more pieces of non-holiday material, I was able to piece together a cute and easy rag wreath.

A rag wreath is simply strips of fabric tied or glued to a wreath form. They are super easy and you really can’t mess them up. My six year old granddaughter Serena even helped me.   All I used was a wire wreath form and some fabric. No sewing, no gluing, no painting! You can easily make one up while watching TV.

I used a 12″ wire wreath form and approximately 4 fat quarters of fabric.

I began by making the fabric strips. I made 1 1/2 inch by 8 inch strips of 4 colors of fabric. I had two that had different backgrounds with Halloween pictures. The other two were orange and green prints that tied in with the holiday fabric.




I cut the fabric in 8 inch wide pieces and then snipped the long edge at 1 1/2 inch increments. Then I just tore the fabric into the strips to give it a shabby look. It will take approximately 260 to 280 strips.






Serena made sure the strips were in separate piles for me.








To tie the fabric to the form, I fold the strip of fabric in half making it 3/4″ wide. (Please forgive the change in fabric color. My photos of the Halloween fabric were blurry so I am showing the Christmas wreath in progress)








Beginning from the inside of the form, I slip the strip around the first two wires of the form and tie it tightly with a square knot.






img_20160826_130200_385The second strip will be tied around the 2nd and 3rd wires and the third will be around the 3rd and 4th wires. Then, begin back at the inside again for another row, pushing the rows together as tightly as you can to get a fuller wreath. Continue to make your rows until you have the form covered. Tie a string at the back of the wreath around a wire to hang it from.

Usually I just randomly tie the fabrics on the form but my granddaughter suggested rows of each color in a striped pattern. She is pretty creative! I made four rows of each color to make the large stripe design.






The finished wreath.  It is pretty fluffy but still flexible. If you want an extra full wreath, tie the fabric around a single wire rather than two at a time. Of course, you will need twice as much fabric strips.






Fall/Halloween rag wreath

Fall/Halloween rag wreath


The wreath is pretty enough to leave as is but I added a bow made from orange and black checked cloth ribbon with a bit of jute twine twisted in.


Give it a try,

I think you will like the results.  It is a quick and easy way to use up old spare fabric.








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  1. Tori

    So i started this last night…i tied them as tight as i could and the ones closest to the center keep flopping into the center of the wreath, if that makes any sense. Will they stop that once the wreath is full and they’re being pressed together?

  2. Carol Hurtig (Post author)

    Yes, once you get it filled up, it will fill in. If some are still going wild or even going to the back, just poke or twist them back in place. Once finished, I shake it a bit to make it look fluffy .


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