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Pretty Painted Iron Bed Frame

I am famous for picking up stuff on the side of the road or from dumpsters if I think they still have life in them.  Years ago, I saw a metal bed frame beside someone’s garbage can. I slammed on my brakes and forced my 12-year-old son to help me get it into the van.  He was embarrassed, I was excited! Little did he know I was going to paint it black and use it in his room.  He ended up really liking it.

Fast forward 15 years.  My son has outgrown his single bed and it has been sitting in the garage for several years.  Recently my granddaughter has had a growth spurt, outgrew her toddler bed, and is in need of a big girl bed.  Aha!  I have  a bed frame!  I had the hubs drag it out of the garage for me (he gets excited when he can take something of mine OUT of the garage).  After a  bit of cleaning  I realized this poor bed frame took a beating with my son.

With a little sand paper, I smoothed out the scratches and used an off-white matte spray paint on it.

Voila!  She now has a beautiful Metal bed frame.  She couldn’t wait to use it so I just left it plain.  I’m wondering if a few decoupage flowers or butterflies would look nice.  Hmmmmm……..

This little bed frame is enjoying its third lifetime and there is no telling who will get it next. I love that I can take something from the trash and give it a new life.

And spray paints are so versatile these days.  You can achieve a variety of finishes and colors.  Do you have something that could use a new life?  Well, what are you waiting for?


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