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Shabby Chic Dry Erase Board

I like using dry erase boards.  They are quick and easy (as long as i can find a marker) but they are not very pleasing to look at. Almost all I have seen are blah and industrial looking.  Why? Why do they have to be so ugly?  Life is too short to settle for ugly things.

Shabby Dry Erase Board

As you know, I’m all about upcycling and recycling everyday items to make them useful again. I started looking for a pretty frame to use around a purchased dry erase board.  But that, too, was pretty ugly.  I didn’t like the stark white board inside a pretty frame. Then the light bulb went on! Dry erase pens work on glass!  Replace the white board with glass and put something pretty behind it!  My mind kept running through ideas until one stuck. I would make it look like an old distressed mirror and put it in a shabby frame.

Whew!  Coming up with a plan is exhausting, but well worth it.

I found an old frame that was solid wood and had a hideous picture in it. I removed the glass and backing and painted it a creamy white. Then distressed and antiqued it a little.

Ugly frame


Ugly, right?







I used a cool technique where you spray mirror paint on glass that has been sprinkled with water which makes it look old, pitted and antiqued. I had never tried the technique but I love trying new things.  I love the way it turned out. I will definitely be doing it on other things very soon.

The mirror technique gives it an old antique look.

Once satisfied with the look of the “antiqued” mirror, I replaced it back into the frame with a dark backing.  Since part of the mirror is worn in sections, you don’t want to just put a white backing because when it shows through, it looks kind of funky. Not good funky, either.  I ended up just using the hideous picture as a backing.  It was dark to begin with so it worked well.  I had left my glass pretty covered with mirror paint so the actual picture didn’t show through, just bits of color.  If there was more glass showing through, I would have taken some time to choose a better backing.


Rolled flowers



As an added touch, I glued a couple of fabric and lace flowers to one corner.







Doesn’t this look nice?  I’m so glad I took the plunge and not suffer with a plain ugly dry erase board!




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