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Shabby Lace Pumpkin

Who said pumpkins have to be orange? Or jack-o-lanterns? Or even rustic? What about a romantic shabby chic pumpkin? I’m still cleaning out my crafting supplies and found a bag of left over lace. Who keeps leftover lace? Me, that’s who. Some of the pieces were just a few inches long and the longest was about a yard. I started to throw them away but I spotted a really ugly styrofoam pumpkin with no stem that had seen better days in another box. Oh wait, there is some eyelet scraps! A plan was starting to form.

Hmmmm, can I merge a pumpkin and lace? Why not? If it doesn’t work out, I can just throw it out like I originally planned. HAHA!


Shabby Chic Lace Pumpkin

Well, I think it worked out beautifully! Don’t you think?


Here are the supplies I worked with:


Brushed gold spray paint

6″ styrofoam pumpkin (from dollar store)

Several lengths of flat lace that will go around the circumference of the pumpkin (about 5 yards total)

Leftover fabric cut into 1″ wide strips long enough to wrap around the circumference of pumpkin

Craft glue that dries clear (*Tip* adding a few drops of water to the glue makes brushing easier)

Twine or thin ribbon (optional)

Twig or cinnamon stick for stem



I began by spray painting the pumpkin gold. Not a shiny gold but a brushed gold paint. Not that it matters but I just didn’t want a bright shiny look. And since I would be covering it, the yucky texture and holes didn’t matter.  This is an upcycle, remember?


Once dry, I cut a few strips of the eyelet material about an inch wide. I started by gluing the eyelet around the pumpkin in the same direction as the lines in the pumpkin. I just used regular craft glue and brushed it across the back of the strip. I didn’t totally cover it with material as I wanted some of the gold to show through the lace.

img_20161005_132438_086 img_20161005_153505_088

Then, I began adding different strips of lace, different patterns and widths until the pumpkin was almost covered. I didn’t worry about any small sections of the gold showing.


Once dry, I added a stem and twine bow for added texture.


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my little shabby chic pumpkin. It’s a different take on fall and truly a trash to treasure project.


I am sure you can come up with any number of pretty combinations for this project. Maybe add a string of faux pearls or other beads. Adding satin ribbon would also be nice.  Just goes to show you that a few scraps and a little imagination can create a pretty and unique fall decoration.

PS. I painted the canning jar the same gold as the pumpkin.

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